Welcome to Bow-in-the-Cloud Vineyard

Our new 2017 Cloud Nine still wine is back! It’s also delicious and we have limited supplies.  We look forward to sharing it with you all at the Farmers Markets. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page as plenty of updates are going up.

Bow-in-the-Cloud vineyard was planted in 1992 and 1993 and has been producing wine for corporate customers and local trade since 1995. It comprises 4.6 acres but so far only 3 have been planted – one acre of Bacchus, one of Seyval Blanc and one of Schönburger. The training method is now GDC having initially been traditional Guyot.


We aim to operate on a sustainable basis with minimal impact on the environment, including the wild life, and we limit our yield so as to satisfy the regional market whilst achieving the very best quality. In the vineyard we use no pesticides and in the winery (operated by Litmus Wines) our wines are essentially hand-crafted in small batches and avoid the standardisation practices used in manufactured wines.  We do not blend different vintages and thus each vintage has its own character and proudly reflects the climatic conditions of the year.  In accordance with current practice all of our wines can be described as single vintage and single vineyard. If the conditions are not conducive to producing good wine then the grapes are not harvested but are left for the birds, badgers and foxes [fortunately this has only happened once!]. A video has been made of the history of Cloud Nine which can be viewed here here..

2018 is a year of change for our lovely vineyard. Keith created an incredible legacy with Bow in the Cloud Vineyard which is now being run by his family.  It does mean that we won’t be able to make it to quite so many farmers markets as before but we are using our social media to keep everyone updated.  We are very active on messenger and encourage getting in touch through email, messenger or old fashioned phone.  We  still have a presence at Cirencester and Stroud Farmers market usually every other week.



Cotswold Food and Drink Awards – 2016

We were delighted to be nominated for the “Drink of the Year” award for 2016.  Our thanks to those who voted for the Cloud Nine blend.  We were beaten into second place by the very experienced Day’s Apple Juice who won the competition for the 4th time, but we were judged the best wine in the Cotswolds and here is a video of the award ceremony:

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