Welcome to Bow-in-the-Cloud Vineyard


Bow-in-the-Cloud vineyard is a Cotswold based family business. The first vines were planted by Keith in 1992 and the vineyard has been producing wine since 1995. It comprises of three planted acres– one of Bacchus, one of Seyval Blanc and one of Schönburger. These varieties blend well together to give a well-balanced dry white.

Bow-in-the-Cloud is located one mile outside Malmesbury, in a hamlet called Noah’s Ark. The Vineyard is located on a small pocket of Cotswold Cornbrash and limestone, and sheltered by ancient woodland. Our vines are unusual in that they are now 25 years old and starting to reach old vine status. We nurture them so they can keep providing us with wines of fantastic quality and flavour. The wines are essentially hand-crafted in small batches and avoid the standardisation practices used in manufactured wines. We do not blend different vintages and thus each vintage has its own character and proudly reflects the climatic conditions of the year. In accordance with current practice all of our wines can be described as single vintage and single vineyard.

The vineyard is managed to support local wildlife and in sympathy with our beautiful Cotswold location. Our still and sparkling wines are light and refreshing, they suit a dry palate and they come highly recommended. We only use our own grapes to make our own wines. The great taste of our wines also probably has something to do with our practice, which includes:
· No insecticides used · No GM · Artisanal winemaking procedures – no manufacturing · Grapes picked by hand · Sustainable cork closures · Very wildlife friendly vineyard practices · Minimal fungicides and herbicides. Our wines are suitable for vegans.

Bow-in-the-Cloud wine labels play on the location name and that the belief that Noah had the first vineyard.

A video has been made of the history of Cloud Nine which can be viewed here here.

In 2018, the vineyard passed into the safe keeping of Keith’s wife Esther and is managed by his daughter Sophie. As a small business the vineyard isn’t open to the public but does put on events from time to time and there is the option of guided group tours and tastings.

Cotswold Food and Drink Awards – 2016

We were delighted to be nominated for the “Drink of the Year” award for 2016.  Our thanks to those who voted for the Cloud Nine blend.  We were judged the best wine in the Cotswolds and the video is below.

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